Here are 52 photo spots at Zermatt for you.

Hidden in the Swiss Alps is the ski resort town of Zermatt, Switzerland. The Swiss Alps can’t be beaten when it comes to cozy towns, outdoor sports, and astounding natural landscapes.

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Tips for your trip to Zermatt

About the location

Outdoor photographers will love shooting in Zermatt. Browse the existing photo spots or read our guide below to learn more about this snowy escape from your day-to-day life.

The star of almost every photo taken in Zermatt is the iconic Matterhorn peak that looks over the city. The twinkling lights of the small city under the snow-covered peak make a postcard-worthy photo.

The mountain can be seen from almost everywhere in the surrounding villages and countryside, but there are some places where the view is better than others. Climb the hills on the outskirts of the city to Mürini Street. This elevated street gives great views of the city and mountains.

Hike the Gourmet Weg trail to get an amazing view of the city with the Matterhorn in the background. Blue hour gives the snowy landscapes a special look. The trail is 8.2 kilometers, so plan ahead to make sure you can safely return to your room, especially after nightfall.

Winkelmatten is a suburb in Zermatt that offers an unobstructed view of the Matterhorn. Hike to the StelliSee, a clear lake that reflects the clouds and the famous mountain peak. Nature photographers can hike along the mountains and valleys around here to capture impressive shots of this rugged part of Europe. Set your camera at a long exposure to capture the stars behind the mountain during the nighttime.

Gornergrat is a viewing platform that offers the best views of the Matterhorn, as well as the other peaks in the mountain range. This includes the tallest mountain in Switzerland, Dufourspitze.

Schwarzsee, which means Black Lake, is a dark lake that reflects the surrounding countryside beautifully. A small chapel is located on the shores of the lake. Grindjisee is another astounding lake with a mirror-like surface that reflects the Matterhorn and surrounding landscape.

Gornerschlucht (meaning Gorner Gorge) is a deep chasm that has been forming since the last Ice Age. It’s only a 15-minute walk from Zermatt village and is worth a visit. Wooden walkways bring you around and through the rock’s edges while waterfalls cascade into the green rocks of the clear pools.


Zermatt, like all of Switzerland, is not a budget destination. Since Zermatt is a resort town, it can be even more expensive than the bigger cities in the country. Some of the wealthiest people from around the world come here for skiing holidays.

There are no cars in Zermatt, guaranteeing that pollution doesn’t stick in the valley and ruin the view. This means you will have to walk around the center of this small town. If you rent a car for your trip to Switzerland, you will have to leave it in a dedicated parking garage in Täsch. The closest airports are Zurich and Geneva, both around 240 kilometers away. Trains bring you to Zermatt from the airports and nearby cities.

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