Here are 23 photo spots in Ruhrgebiet for you.

The Ruhrgebiet, also known as the Ruhr region or the Ruhr Valley, is one of Germany's major urban and industrial areas. The Ruhrgebiet is densely populated and consists of several interconnected cities and towns, including Essen, Dortmund, Duisburg, Bochum, and Gelsenkirchen. Despite its industrial heritage, the region also features green spaces, parks, and cultural attractions.

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Tips for your trip to Ruhrgebiet

Best timing

Extraschicht - The Night of Industrial Culture: This annual event celebrates the industrial heritage of the Ruhr region with cultural performances, light installations, and guided tours of former industrial sites transformed into cultural venues for one night. Photographers can capture the unique atmosphere and the interplay of light and shadow in these historic locations.

Ruhrtriennale: This international arts festival takes place in various venues across the Ruhrgebiet and features performances, concerts, theater productions, and art installations by renowned artists from around the world. Photographers can document the diverse range of cultural events and artistic expressions at the festival.

Ruhr Games: Held every few years, the Ruhr Games is a multi-sports event featuring competitions, demonstrations, and performances in various sports disciplines, including skateboarding, BMX, basketball, and more. Photographers can capture the action, excitement, and camaraderie of the athletes and spectators.

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