Here are 71 photo spots in Shanghai for you.

Known as being the most populous city in the world, with a population of 24 million, Shanghai is a varied and diverse location for photographers to visit. Shanghai is one of China’s economic centres, and here visitors can sense the rapid develop China has gone through in recent years.

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Tips for your trip to Shanghai

About the location

Because of its status as a bustling metropolis, Shanghai has gained a reputation worldwide as an extremely multicultural city, with residents from all over the world. It's recommended that visitors stay for at least a week in order to get a feel for the city and its atmosphere. Summer is the peak tourism season in Shanghai, yet not actually the best time to visit; instead, you should visit in the fall from September to November, which offers fewer crowds and more moderate temperatures. Shanghai is an incredibly scenic city, with a variety of sites that give photographers amazing opportunities to capture the city’s atmosphere.

There are a plethora of spots to photograph throughout Shanghai, with many suitable for diverse photography styles. Some of the top locations include the Bund, the World Financial Centre, and the Yuyuan Gardens. The Bund is located in western Shanghai, a waterfront area with prolific views towards Pudong, Shanghai’s iconic skyline. Walking along the Bund, there are amazing views from every angle, which will allow you to capture the perfection of Shanghai.

The World Financial centre is one of Shanghai’s most iconic buildings and is part of the Pudong skyline. There are 2 options for photographers here, one being the observatory, which can be expensive and crowded at times, and the other being the Lounge Bar, which is expensive, but if you come early enough is not crowded. Make sure to come early to get a table with a view!

The Yuyuan Gardens offer a taste of traditional China and offer a different experience for Shanghai photographers. One of the best views is from the pond inside the garden, but in order to get the views, there is an admission fee charged, so make sure to be aware of that! Overall, these three sites will give you a sense of the different angles and views offered throughout Shanghai, and will give you some amazing photos!


The public transport system, especially the subway, in Shanghai is extremely easy to use and will take you anywhere you desire. Taking the subway is often times more efficient than taking a taxi or driving. Even though tipping is not a standard practice in China, it is acceptable to tip around 3% in Shanghai and $1-2 for a bellboy or room service staff. Many bathrooms do not have western style toilets, and instead, offer traditional squatting style toilets, so make sure to carry toilet paper with you, and if you must go in a western style toilet, look for airports and hotels, as well as public washrooms which sometimes also offer Western toilets. Hopefully, this advice helps you on your trip to Shanghai!

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