Here are 90 photo spots in Stockholm for you.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and with nearly 1 mio inhabitants the biggest city in Scandinavia.

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Tips for your trip to Stockholm

About the location

Very popular for photography are the unique colorful subway stations like Solna or Radhuset. But the city itself is also a great visit for any kind of photographer with lots of water between the districts, that can be used as a nice foreground element.

The average temperatures for Stockholm are between -5 °C during the winter months up to 22 °C in July.


The airport of Stockholm is around 40 km north of the city, which is called Arlanda. There are 2 further airports in the south and west, which are around 100 km away. Both are also named Stockholm, so you should make sure, that you are arriving at the right one.

If you are traveling by car it's important to know, that there is a fee for entering the centre of the city during 6:30 am and 6:30 pm. The price depends on the amount of cars on the streets, so entering the time during commuters is the most expensive time slot.

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