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Explore the best places for photography at Seceda, Italy

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Seceda is a beautiful mountain in South Tyrol which is around 2519 high and belongs to the Dolomites. Especially the steep falls to the North and West are quite unique and offer a great place for hiking and photography.

To the Southeast of Seceda, there is a flat ascending alp with a few huts who offer the chance for a nice break. Walking down there from the typical photo spots itself takes around 20 minutes and it can be quite exhausting to get up there again, so be prepared and have enough water, sturdy shoes, and sun protection with you.

Travel tips for Seceda

Getting to the alp itself is quite easy. You need to leave your car at Sankt Ulrich and get up there with 2 separate cable cars. Both for up and down costs around 30 Euros + 8 Euros for parking. You can also walk one or both parts of the way up/down but this takes quite a while. I would suggest to travel up and down and hike more at the alp itself.

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