Here are 81 photo spots in Dublin for you.

There’s no way to have a boring day in Dublin, Ireland’s lively capital city. Any travelers wanting a night out will be in luck, the nightlife here is legendary. Photographers come here to attempt the famous Irish spirit in the streets, monuments, and buildings.

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Tips for your trip to Dublin

About the location

Dublin is a modern metropolitan city full of culture and history. Pack your camera and refer to our guide to find the photo spots you shouldn’t miss in Dublin.

Dublin is an economic hub with gleaming modern architecture. The clean white lines of the cable-stayed Samuel Beckett Bridge crosses the River Liffey. Most photographers are drawn to this unique bridge with its curved lines resembling a harp, Ireland’s national symbol.

Across the bridge sits the iconic Convention Centre Dublin which is a modern architectural feat. Its curved glass walls emerge from stone ends. At night, the modern buildings along with the river light up and reflect off the river’s waters.

The famous Ha'penny Bridge is a clean white cast-iron bridge. Pedestrian-only, this bridge has a whimsical feeling that looks great in photographs. Christ Church Cathedral is a massive medieval stone church that looks daunting and impressive when photographed.

The Custom House is a breathtaking 18th-century building with a beautiful green verdigris dome. Designed in a neoclassical style, this building is large so the best photos are taken from across the river.

Temple Bar is a central Dublin neighborhood named for the many pubs that dot it. These cozy pubs are characterized by their vintage facades, flowery hanging plants, and the flags from a multitude of countries flying outside.

Dublin Castle is an impressive stone building fronted by manicured gardens and lawns. Go back to school and visit Trinity University, where you can admire beautiful stone buildings and its famous library.

If you want to travel outside of the city, try capturing some nature shots at Howth Beach. Cliff walks and rocky beaches make powerful landscape photos.


Most visitors to Ireland touch down in Dublin first. It is a transportation hub with a large international airport with flights from almost anywhere and connections to the rest of the country.

The city is large but it has grown with tourism in mind. The historic center can be walked and public transportation will take you to most places. If you want to experience the nightlife in the center, be prepared to spend quite a bit. If you leave the most touristic areas, the cost of a pint decreases.

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