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Bremen, a major city located in northern Germany, is one of Germany's oldest cities and has a history dating back to the early Middle Ages. It was a prominent member of the Hanseatic League, a medieval trading association.

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Tips for your trip to Bremen

About the location

The city is characterized by its charming old town, known as the Schnoor quarter, with narrow cobblestone streets and picturesque medieval buildings. The Bremen Roland statue and the UNESCO-listed Town Hall are iconic landmarks.

Bremen's port has been vital to its economy and cultural identity. The Überseestadt area showcases the city's maritime history and modern development, including museums like the German Maritime Museum.

Best timing

Freimarkt: Bremen's historic fair, dating back to 1035, is one of Germany's oldest and largest festivals. It typically takes place in October and features colorful parades, traditional music, fairground attractions, and culinary delights.

Breminale: This is an annual open-air music and culture festival held along the banks of the Weser River. It showcases a diverse range of music performances, art exhibitions, food stalls, and activities for all ages.


You can reach Bremen by air through Bremen Airport, which offers domestic and international flights. Another option is to travel by train, with Bremen Hauptbahnhof serving as the main train station with connections to major cities. Driving is also convenient via the German autobahn network, particularly the A1 and A27 highways. Long-distance buses are available from various cities, and once in Bremen, you can explore the city using its efficient public transportation system or by walking to nearby attractions in the city center.

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