Here are 33 photo spots at Zaanse Schans for you.

Zaanse Schans is a charming open-air museum located near Zaandam in the province of North Holland, Netherlands. It offers visitors a glimpse into the traditional Dutch way of life, featuring historic windmills, wooden houses, barns, and workshops dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The site is famous for its well-preserved windmills, which were once used for various purposes such as sawing timber, grinding spices, and processing oil.

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Tips for your trip to Zaanse Schans

About the location

Today, visitors can explore the interiors of some windmills, learn about their operations, and witness demonstrations of traditional crafts like wooden shoe-making and cheese-making. Zaanse Schans provides a picturesque setting with its scenic waterfront, cobbled streets, and iconic Dutch architecture, making it a popular destination for tourists interested in Dutch culture and history.

Best timing

Seasonal Festivals: Visit during seasonal festivals like King's Day (Koningsdag) or Christmas to capture festive decorations, cultural performances, and lively celebrations.

Flower Fields: Depending on the season, you may find colorful flower fields nearby that are perfect for photographing, especially during the tulip season in spring.


To reach Zaanse Schans, you can take a train, drive, use public transport like buses, or opt for guided tours from nearby cities like Amsterdam. Once there, explore the windmills, museums, and scenic landscapes for photography opportunities.

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