Here are 39 photo spots in Helsinki for you.

Helsinki is the buzzing capital of Finland. Sitting alongside the sea, its Nordic culture is proudly on display. Bordered by Sweden and Russia, Finland feels a bit more remote than most of Europe. Those who make their way to Helsinki are in luck, this city has a thriving restaurant scene, welcoming locals, intriguing museums, breathtaking architecture, and stunning subway stations.

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Tips for your trip to Helsinki

About the location

Photographers come to Helsinki to try to capture the essence of Nordic design. Read our guide or directly have a look at the photo spots to discover the best places for photography.

Helsinki is a bustling city that is great for urban photographers. If you want to capture some interesting shots, you may find yourself spending quite a bit of time underground. The metro system in Helsinki is sleek, modern, and shows the vibe of city life well. Crouch down to capture the green illuminated escalators in Yliopisto Metro Station. Every station has its own unique light and art installation, with Keilaniemi and Lauttasaari being particularly striking.

When you’re above ground, there are monumental buildings like the Helsinki Cathedral. With its pale green domes, it towers over the local square. Uspenski Cathedral is a stunning example of Russian Revival architecture. This 19th-century church is covered in red bricks and has 13 gold and green onion domes.

St John’s Church (Johanneksenkirkko) is a beautiful stone church that is worth a look at. The quiet park surrounding offers interesting angles to capture the church’s spires.

For a completely unique church, head to Kamppi Chapel of Silence in Helsinki. This church is made of wood and is completely round, with no angles. It looks like no church you’re ever photographed before.

The Helsinki Harbour and Suomenlinna Island are the best places to go if you want views of the surrounding sea. These are quiet areas where you can stop and think.


Helsinki is a bit off the normal tourist trail of Europe. This is a great thing for visitors, they don’t have to deal with the big crowds prevalent in most capital cities on the continent.

Helsinki is a very modern city so the public transportation is great. Despite the cold seasons, people still like to get out to walk and bike around the city center. Since Finland is so far north, the winters have very early sunsets. This means the days are very dark and photography can only be done in very short windows. It also gets very cold. Visiting during the summer means better weather. Plus, you get to enjoy the very long days, with the sun not setting until around 10:30 in June.

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