Here are 12 photo spots at Petronas Twin Towers for you.

The famous Petronas Twin Towers were the highest buildings in the world after the construction was finished in 1998 with a height of 452 m (with mast, the roof is only at 378 m).

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About the location

This was only true for the structural height though, because the Willis Tower in Chicago (442 m) and the World Trade Center 1 in New York (417 m) had a higher floor. In 2004 this record was surpassed by the Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

One of the characteristics of the Twin Towers is the Skybridge between them, connecting the 41th and 42th floor. In front of the skyscrapers is a fountain, which can be used as a photographic element, leading the eyes of the viewer towards the towers.


There is parking available in the KLCC underground parking complex. However like in most of the big cities, it's usually easier to get there via transit and get off at the KLCC station.

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