Here are 230 photo spots in Tasmania for you.

Experience a bit of the wild in Tasmania. This island state is located 240 kilometers from Australia's southern coast. With wildlife seen nowhere else in the world, 18 national parks, and breathtaking beaches, there’s a lot for a nature photographer to capture in Tasmania.

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Tips for your trip to Tasmania

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Browse the existing photo spots or read our guide below to discover the best places in Tasmania to snap extraordinary pictures.

Photographers are drawn to the beaches of Tasmania for good reason. Head to Binalong Bay at sunrise to capture the rocks lit up in warm shades. In this bay, you can capture something a little unusual. The Bay of Fires features rocks covered in bright red lichen, looking as if they are on fire.

Go to Swansea to see Haystack Rock, in Eastern Tasmania. The Bicheno Blowhole, also in the east, is an interesting natural phenomenon. Along this sandy coast, a hole in the granite rocks causes water to shoot up into the air. Try to capture it in action.

Hazards Beach is a serene stretch of white sand and turquoise waters bordered by mountains. There are so many beautiful beaches on the island, you might find yourself spending your entire trip walking along with them and taking photos.

Trek or drive up to Mount Wellington for sweeping views of the surrounding ocean and countryside. Here you can get the best shots of the island’s landscapes. One of the most popular trails on the island takes you to Wineglass Bay lookout in Freycinet National Park. The hike can take up to 4 hours, so be prepared. The view of the curved white sand beach surrounded by the green forest is more than worth it.

Cape Pillar has sheer cliff faces falling into the ocean, a great place for a dramatic natural landscape. Hike along to the beautiful Dove Lake which reflects the jagged Cradle Mountain.

On the west coast of Tasmania is Lake Rosebery, a man-made reservoir. You can hike around and boat on the lake, which is surrounded by mountains and forest.

The Port Arthur Lavender Farm is located in the cute town of Port Arthur in the southwest of Tasmania. The fragrant purple flowers bloom in December and January and make a postcard-worthy photo.


Getting to the national parks, hiking trails, and stunning beaches of Tasmania is much easier with your own rental car. There is a well-traveled curricular route that takes you around the entire island in six days.

Tasmania gets quite cold in the winter, with the most frigid month being July. It starts to warm up in September, before becoming much hotter in the summer months between December and February. The crowds are thicker in the summer but the weather is much nicer.

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