Here are 243 photo spots in Baden-Württemberg for you.

Baden-Württemberg is a German state in Southwest Germany. It's usually shortened to BW or BaWü. The biggest cities are Stuttgart, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, and Heidelberg, which are all worth a visit for travelers and photographers.

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Tips for your trip to Baden-Württemberg

About the location

Baden-Württemberg is traversed by significant rivers like the Rhine, Neckar, Danube, and Main, which contribute to its economy, transportation, and natural beauty.

Best timing

The best time to travel to Baden-Württemberg as a photographer depends on your preferred subjects: spring for blooming landscapes, summer for outdoor events, autumn for colorful foliage, and winter for snow-covered landscapes and festivals.


You can travel to Baden-Württemberg by air, using airports like Stuttgart, by train via the Deutsche Bahn network, by car through well-maintained highways, or utilize the state's public transportation including buses, trams, and local trains, with biking also being a popular option for exploring the region's scenic landscapes and charming towns.

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