Here are 13 photo spots at Emerald Lake for you.

Emerald Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Yoho National Park in Canada. Especially the very clear water offers a perfect theme for photography.

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Tips for your trip to Emerald Lake

About the location

There are quite a lot of nice views around the lake. Just follow the Emerald Lake Trail and enjoy the path around the lake. You can also rent a canoe, which is a common Instagram photo theme. Renting these boats isn't cheap though, although this place is definitely a better choice for doing this than Lake Louise, which is with over 100$ per hour just too expensive and too touristic.

For photography I would definitely recommend the early morning hours or maybe even moody rainy days, which can add the perfect atmosphere to this beautiful and iconic place in Canada. Using the canoes as a foreground element is really nice and in general it's a good idea to use a polarizer and ND filters, to soften the shape of the water.

The cottage at the bridge is also a famous theme for photos, especially during the snowy winter time. Don't get fooled though by the lonely look of these photos, because there is an aparment village just behind this hut where you can stay for the night.


There is a big free parking place just nearby the lake. This also means, that the lake is usually pretty touristic, depending on the weather and the time of the year. There are also buses, that are usually driving to this place after they stopped at the Natural Bridge, which is also a nice location for at least a short stop and something you will pass anyway when you are coming from the Trans-Canada Hwy 1.

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