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Hamnøy Norway

This is a wonderful spot where you can see typical northern houses in front of a massive mountain
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09:41 14:04
67°56'43.1678" N 13°7'55.0797" E

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Spot comments (6)

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Joe Belanger
Joe Belanger 04.05.2019
Once again, Thomas, nothing short of spectacular.
Rex Chang
Rex Chang 15.04.2019
Hello, did you use ND filter?
Vince Cavallo
Vince Cavallo 11.04.2019
Hello Thomas, fantastic view and picture. What settings did you use for the camera and lens info. thanks
fototante.de 03.02.2017
Hi Thomas, warum hast du einen neuen Spot erstellt und dein Foto nicht einfach hinzugefügt?! https://www.locationscout.net/norway/810-hamnoy-classic-view-lofoten/1329 Viele Grüße, Melanie
@Gasser.Photography 15.12.2016
Hello Thomas, great picture. Can you tell me what month you were in Lofoten and made this picture? Thank you for sharing.
Thomas Hugi
Thomas Hugi 18.12.2016
Hy This picture i've taken in January 2016

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Thank you Thomas Hugi for creating this photo spot and Roxana Gligor, WojWoj for improving it with additional photos or content.

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