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Explore the best places for photography at Hallerbos, Belgium

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Hallerbos is one of the most amazing forests during the bluebell blooming season, because that's the time when the ground of the forest is full of flowers, which looks like a beautiful blue carpet. Even if you are not interested in photography, the walk through Hallerbos is definitely very special.

Due to the weather, the bluebells are not blooming during the same time every year. The best time though is usually around the second half of April. You can find more details about the flowers and infos about the current blooming state on this website: https://www.hallerbos.be/en/bloom-bluebells/

Travel tips for Hallerbos

There are a few places for parking around the forest. I would definitely recommend you to come early, especially during the weekend, because Hallerbos is getting a more and more popular place to visit during the blooming season. Here is a map where you can leave your car: https://www.hallerbos.be/downloads/2016-03_hallerbos_parkings.jpg

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