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Explore the best places for photography at Vienna, Austria

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Vienna (German: Wien) is the capital of Austria and is located in the heart of Europe at the river Danube.

Its history goes back to Celtic and Roman settlements. Ruins of these time can still be seen. Vienna has always been a melting pot of cultures which is reflected in its architecture. The historic district in the center is surrounded by a boulevard that is called Ringstrasse. Many beautiful old buildings, and a small part of the old city wall can be seen there.

Beside the historic buildings, Vienna also provides some nice examples of new, modern architecture like the buildings of the University of Economics from Zaha Hadid and the office of the United Nations.

Vienna is worth a trip in any season. E.g. in summer with all the beautiful parks and Europe’s largest music festival (Donauinselfest) or in winter with all the Christmas markets.

Here is the official Vienna Web Site, if you want to dive into it a little more: https://www.wien.gv.at/english/

Travel tips for Vienna

For a visit in Vienna, you don’t need a car. Vienna has a very good public transportation system! Before weekends and public holidays the metro runs 24 hours.
Almost everything is easily reachable by Metro (German: U-Bahn –> look for blue signs with a large, white “U”), Tram or bus. You find several ticket choices for tourists at: http://www.wienerlinien.at/eportal2/

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