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Explore the best places for photography at Upper Antelope Canyon, USA

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The Upper Antelope Canyon is one of the worlds most beautiful canyons, especially when the sun shines through the colorful walls, making this a popular attraction for photographers and tourists all over the world.

The entrance fee is quite expensive with around $60 ($30 for children) for the standard tour and for the photographic tour, which is the only one when you are allowed to use a tripid, the costs are around $125. With this tour, you must have a DSLR or mirror less camera, phone photography and children beyond the age of 18 are not allowed for these tours, because they are very limited and they want to make sure that "serious" photographers have a chance to join one of the rare time slots. The Lower Antelope Canyon is a little bit cheaper with $40.

The famous light beams are visible from April to September around 11:30 on clear sunny days.

Travel tips for Upper Antelope Canyon

Reservations are highly recommended and if you want to bring your tripod, you MUST reserve a spot in a photographer tour. Be there at least 30 minutes earlier before your reserved entrance slot and wear sturdy shoes.

Parking is available nearby for busses and cars.

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