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Sylt is part of the North Frisian Islands and is situated off the western coast of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. The island boasts long sandy beaches, dunes, and heathland, making it a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The unique landscape includes areas like the Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its tidal flats and birdlife.

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Tips for your trip to Sylt

About the location

The island is dotted with charming villages and towns, including Westerland (the main hub), Kampen, Wenningstedt, and List. These areas offer a range of accommodations, from luxury resorts and spa hotels to holiday apartments and guesthouses.

Best timing

Sylt Beach Polo: This annual event takes place on the beaches of Sylt, where teams compete in exciting polo matches against the backdrop of the North Sea. It's a fantastic event to capture action shots and the vibrant atmosphere.

Windsurf World Cup Sylt: Sylt is famous for its windy conditions, making it a hotspot for windsurfing enthusiasts. The Windsurf World Cup brings top athletes from around the world to compete in thrilling windsurfing competitions, providing excellent photo opportunities of extreme sports in action.

Sylt Easter Fire: Traditionally celebrated on Easter Saturday, the Easter Fire (Osterfeuer) is a cultural event where bonfires are lit on the beaches of Sylt. It's a picturesque scene to photograph, especially with the fires glowing against the twilight sky.


You can reach Sylt by train, car, plane, or ferry. The train offers a scenic journey over the Hindenburgdamm causeway, while driving involves using the causeway or taking a car train/shuttle. Sylt Airport provides flights from major cities. Ferries connect Sylt to nearby islands during specific periods. Choose based on your preferences and convenience.

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