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Explore the best places for photography at Baltrum, Germany

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In the baltic sea of germany there is Baltrum. Baltrum is in terms of surface area the smallest island of the East Frisian Islands (ger. Ostfriesische Inseln), 5000 meters long and 1500 meters wide.

The Village themselvs is divided in three 'city' parts, Westdorf, Ostdorf, Altes Ostdorf. The east (rest) of Baltrum is pure nature, dunes, seals, a 5 kilometers long beach and of course the mud flat. If you need a small break from your everyday life, Baltrum is the perfect holiday destination. Enjoy the environment, the sounds of nature and capture the unique landscapes or wildlife of this beautiful island. If you are interested in a special experience, you have the oppurtunity to book a round trip with the aircraft over the East Frisian islands and to make images from a whole new perspective (the island has a sport airfield).

The Island is very popular, nearly 70,000 tourists spend their vacations there. But is not so crowded as you think. If the Hotels are booked up, there are booked up. A few tourists visits Baltrum only for a day trip, but thats ok cause, the ferry only runs a few times a day and there is only limited space for visitors, too. So the maximum number of tourists on the Island at the same time has a limit, alone because it is not so easy to reach and the limited number of beds.

Travel tips for Baltrum

You have to go there with a ferry from Nessmersiel or with an sport airplane. Cars are not allowed on this little Island. The only car on the island is a fire truck.

Baltrum is located in Germany, a country with 5983 photo spots that you might want to have a look at as well to find even more beautiful places for your next trip.

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