Here are 11 photo spots in Erfurt for you.

Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, Germany, is renowned for its well-preserved medieval old town featuring landmarks such as Erfurt Cathedral and the Krämerbrücke. It offers cultural events, including the famous Erfurt Christmas Market, and has historical significance as a university town and a connection to the Protestant Reformation through Martin Luther. The city also boasts parks and green spaces for relaxation and outdoor activities.

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Tips for your trip to Erfurt

Best timing

Spring and autumn offer excellent lighting conditions, comfortable temperatures, and opportunities to capture the city's charm and natural beauty in your photographs. Additionally, visiting during weekdays or off-peak times may provide quieter moments and better opportunities for photography without crowds.


You can travel to Erfurt by air via Erfurt-Weimar Airport, by train with Deutsche Bahn operating frequent services to Erfurt Hauptbahnhof, by car via major highways such as the A4 and A71, by bus with regional and long-distance services available at Erfurt ZOB, or by bike using designated lanes and paths throughout the city. Upon arrival, Erfurt's public transportation system of trams and buses makes it easy to explore the city and nearby attractions, while its compact size allows for convenient exploration on foot.

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