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Explore the best places for photography at Siebengebirge, Germany

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A scenic area translated into english called seven mountains between Bonn and Koblenz along the river Rhine in western Germany with numerous mountains and castles. The most popular hills are the Petersberg and Drachenfels. On top of the Petersberg you´ll find a luxurious hotel where several conferences took place with the best known politicians during the time when Bonn was the capital of Germany. You can drive the whole way by car to the top and will have a nice view towards the Drachenfels and along the Rhine valley. On your way up to the Drachenfels you can choose between taking a tram or use your feed and half way up the mountain you´ll find an amazing castle and on top an old ruin.

Travel tips for Siebengebirge

The best way to travel around in Siebengebirge is to hike, so you have the chance to get to the smallest paths and areas.

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