Here are 158 photo spots in Brittany (Bretagne) for you.

The Bretagne (French), or Brittany (English), region of France offers photographers amazing natural landscapes. Jutting out into the Atlantic, this is the most northwestern part of France. With its rugged coastlines, unique beaches, and stone villages, Brittany is like nowhere else in Europe.

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Tips for your trip to Brittany (Bretagne)

About the location

Light crepes, freshly-caught seafood, and just-pressed tart cider are integral parts of the local cuisine. Make sure to take a break from capturing the landscapes to try some of France’s best dishes.

Read our guide to discover the best places in Brittany to snap a picture.

There are so many iconic lighthouses in the Brittany area of France that you will be tempted to start a new photography collection. The Atlantic waters surrounding Brittany are treacherous. Prone to storms, the cragged coastline is full of rocks that can be deadly to ships. Most of these lighthouses are still working and save lives every night.

Le phare du Petit Minou (Petit Minou Lighthouse) is an iconic lighthouse at the end of an S-shaped stone path. Hike along the countryside here and capture some great photos of the lighthouse and surrounding waters in the changing lights of the day.

The Kermorvan Lighthouse is a stout, stone lighthouse that is a great place to photograph during sunset. Near the little village of Pointe Saint Mathieu, there are two beautiful lighthouses. Fort La Latte is a petite castle looking over the cliff’s edge.

At the Paon lighthouse in Brehat Island, the red rocks on the beach look amazing during sunsets. Explore the Quiberon coastline on the mainland. These beaches are dotted with big boulders, sheer cliffs, and stone arches that make some powerful photos.

Ile Vierge Lighthouse is the tallest stone lighthouse in Europe. Located on the Ile Vierge island off the coast, you will have to buy boat tickets to reach it. The interior spiral staircase is mesmerizing and the resulting photo is worth the hassle of the visit. It’s only open by appointment, so plan ahead.

Dinan is a beautifully preserved walled medieval city. Walk along the walls to capture story-book photos. Saint-Malo is an impressive port city with stone walls and grand Gothic buildings.


Visitors should be prepared for unexpected weather, even during typically warm months. Brittany is a wet and windy area. July is the driest month but photographers will have to wake up early to beat the crowds during this busy season.

There are several ways to get around Brittany, France. The regional train network in Brittany is extensive and many bus companies offer tours. A car rental gives you more independence and makes hiking around the countryside easier.

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