Here are 10 photo spots at Lake Powell for you.

Lake Powell, formed by the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the United States, spanning northern Arizona and southern Utah. Known for its striking red rock scenery and clear blue waters, the lake offers abundant recreational opportunities including boating, fishing, and kayaking.

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Tips for your trip to Lake Powell

About the location

Surrounding attractions like Rainbow Bridge National Monument and numerous slot canyons add to its allure, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers alike. Visitor services such as marinas, houseboat rentals, and campgrounds ensure a fulfilling experience exploring this expansive and scenic reservoir.


To reach Lake Powell, travelers commonly drive from nearby cities like Flagstaff, Phoenix, or Las Vegas via U.S. Route 89 to Page, Arizona. Alternatively, flights to Flagstaff or Phoenix followed by a rental car offer convenience. Limited public transportation includes buses to Flagstaff with connections to local shuttles, and Amtrak train service also stops in Flagstaff. Guided tours are available from Page, Flagstaff, or Las Vegas, and visitors can access the lake directly via marinas for boat rentals and tours. Amenities at marinas and nearby accommodations enhance the experience of exploring Lake Powell's scenic beauty and recreational opportunities.

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