Here are 16 photo spots at the Big Ben for you.

The Big Ben in London is probably one of the most popular architectural buildings in the world. The name terms the biggest of the five bells in the tower, but it's mostly used as a synonym for the clock tower itself. The correct name for the 96.3m high building since 2012 is Elizabeth Tower.

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Tips for your trip to Big Ben

About the location

The area around Big Ben is definitely one of the most touristic areas of London. Nevertheless you shouldn't miss this place as a photographer, because there are quite a few great photo perspectives like the typical view from the bridge towards the tower, usually during blue hour with some passing cars or double-decker buses to get some light trails within your image.

Another great spot, especially during rain, is across the Westminster Bridge. There is a tunnel on the right side of the bridge you can use to frame your photos, which is a great place during rainy days.


The best way to get there is without any doubt by train to Westminster station. You will see the Big Ben immediately when you leave the station. A taxi or a double-decker bus tour is also a good way to get there.

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