Here are 5 photo spots in Görlitz for you.

Görlitz is a town situated on the banks of the Neisse River, which forms the border between Saxony in Germany and Poland.

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Tips for your trip to Görlitz

About the location

The city boasts one of the best-preserved medieval old towns in Germany, with over 4,000 historic buildings spanning various architectural styles, including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau. The town's picturesque streets, squares, and alleyways are a delight to explore, offering a glimpse into its rich history and cultural heritage.

Görlitz is renowned for its architectural treasures, including the imposing Görlitz Town Hall (Rathaus), the magnificent St. Peter and Paul's Church (Peterskirche), and the ornate Holy Trinity Church (Dreifaltigkeitskirche). These landmarks showcase the town's architectural diversity and craftsmanship.

Görlitz has served as a popular filming location for numerous movies and TV productions due to its well-preserved historic buildings and authentic atmosphere. Films such as "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "Inglourious Basterds" have been partially shot in Görlitz, attracting film enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Best timing

Altstadtfest Görlitz (Old Town Festival): The Altstadtfest celebrates Görlitz's cultural heritage with live music, street performances, craft markets, and culinary delights. Photographers can document the lively atmosphere, traditional costumes, and festive decorations in the historic streets of Görlitz's Old Town.

Schlesisches Kulturfestival (Silesian Culture Festival): This cultural festival celebrates the diverse heritage of the Silesian region, with events highlighting music, dance, cuisine, and traditions. Photographers can capture the cultural performances, traditional costumes, and culinary delights of the festival.


To travel to Görlitz, you can drive, take a train or bus, fly to nearby airports - he nearest major airports to Görlitz are Dresden Airport (DRS) and Wrocław–Copernicus Airport (WRO) in Poland, cycle, or hike. Once there, you can explore the town on foot, by bike, or using local transportation options. Görlitz offers a compact town center with attractions within walking distance.

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