Here are 41 photo spots on Vancouver Island for you.

Off the green Canadian Pacific Coast, lies beautiful Vancouver Island. The bustling city of Vancouver, Canada, is not actually located on the island. Vancouver Island lies across the Strait of Georgia across from the busy metropolis and helps protect it from winds and storms.

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Tips for your trip to Vancouver Island

About the location

Nature photographers from around the world come to Vancouver Island for one-of-a-kind natural landscapes and coastlines. Browser the existing photo spots or read the guide below to discover the top Can't-miss places to take photos in Vancouver Island, Canada.

Vancouver Island is a largely wild and wonderfully untouched natural paradise. Chesterman Beach is a long, wide beach with silty sand. Come here at sunset for a great photo. The remote Botanical Beach is best for detailed, up-close shots. With its numerous tide pools, you will find tidal sea life and colorful marine foliage. If you’re lucky, you might see whales off the beaches. There are boat tours to help you get closer to these beautiful creatures.

Rathtrevor Beach is a pebble beach, overrun with impressive driftwood. In the peaceful Fairy Lake, a bonsai tree is famously growing out of the log. Nature is fickle, so there’s no guarantee that it will always be there.

Kinsol Trestle is an old wooden logging bridge. Photographers can walk its length, which brings you near the tops of the trees. Amphitrite Point Lighthouse is a short white structure watching over the west coast of the island. Sitting up on the rocks and looking over the blue waters, it’s worth a drive or hike.

In the west of the island, the Pacific Rim National Park has amazing hiking and nature shots. A wooden Boardwalk Trail to Schooner Bay makes a dreamy shot.

In the south of the island, there is more development. From the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, photographers can walk through the beach. Its large black rocks make an unusual beach shot and the frequent fog coming in gives them an eerie look.


This is a natural place, so please make sure to take any garbage out with you. It’s important to keep nature preserved for the photographers and visitors that come after you. There is also wildlife in Vancouver Island to remain aware of. Black bears call the places you are photographing home and they can be dangerous if snuck upon. Read up on bear safety before visiting the island.

Visitors reach Vancouver Island by ferry from the mainland. Renting a car gives you more freedom but buses also take you to most places you need to go. It rains more than half of the year and doesn’t get too hot in the summer, so pack accordingly.

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