Here are 169 photo spots in Venice for you.

The city is the heart of the canals, with extraordinary architecture, historical churches, breath-taking islands and mesmerizing museums, Venice has made it to one of the most visited places in the world.

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Tips for your trip to Venice

About the location

Venice is a city which always welcomes its tourists. This is one of many reason why people love it here and why everyone wants to see this beautiful place.

Here are some places you must see when you are in Venice. Have a look...
Ponte dell'Accademia: 
The beautiful wooden Ponte dell’ Accademia was built in 1933 and is still a remarkable landmark today. The work here is beyond amazing and it’s the work which has made this landmark stand even today and have preserved it for years. A wooden bridge showing the greatest work of art is a must place to see. One of the few bridges which is old yet so beautiful. Best thing about this location is, that it’s usually not very crowded, which is great for photography.

Colored Houses: 
Discover the colored houses in Venice and fall in love with the beauty they hold. These Houses are so unique to watch you can’t just go without capturing these. These are on the Burano Island, which is one of the most recommended places in Venice. Just take a walk around these houses and see how beautifully they have been constructed.

San Giorgio Maggiore: 
The view of the San Giorgio Maggiore island is one the places that every visitor in Venice must see and visit. This square is probably one of the most famous photographed ones in Venice. Apart from having a nice view, it is considered as one of the most perfect pleasant places. The spot is enriched with history.


Venice is not a big city though and the best way to discover it is by walking its streets and alleys. The cheapest way to get around is by using the transportation system the 'Vaporetto', also known as the water bus. Apart from this, there is also a water taxi available. It's a lot more expensive, but if you are in search of a fast ride, this one is the best for you. The taxi will take you everywhere in the city. There are also Venetian boats, the Gondola. These are also great ways to move in and around the city.

The airport of Venice is called Aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia, which is named after the famous traveling salesman Marco Polo. It's located north of the city and used by around 8 million passengers every year.

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