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Milano, also known as Milan (Ger: Mailand), a city located in Northern Italy is known for being one of the world’s most premiere fashion capitals, as well as Italy’s second biggest city.

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Milano is known for its historic architecture, influence on fashion and culture, as well as its museums and famous artworks. As one of Italy’s more northern cities, Milan has a cooler climate. The alps are within reach of the city, making it an ideal stop on a tour of the alpine European cities. Milan is the economic capital of Italy rather than Rome, with a lot of industry and manufacturing. With its focus on fashion, heritage and history, Milan is a great place to visit on a tour of Italy and/or Europe.

There is a huge variety of activities in Milan, including the world’s third largest church, an amazing museum/church filled with works of Renaissance art, and unlimited shopping. All of these sites offer amazing photography opportunities to showcase your journey through Milan.

The Milan Cathedral, also known as Duomo di Milano is a cathedral church located in central Milan, and the third largest church in the world. Construction of the massive cathedral began in 1386, taking over 600 years to reach its final state of completion today, with various rulers taking more interest than others in the church’s decoration, facade and interior. Napoleon took a liking to the cathedral, and funded it almost to completion. The cathedral is also where Napoleon was crowned King of Italy. The church is a huge architectural attraction, and offers stunning opportunities for photos of its rising spires and gothic exterior.

If you are interested in artwork, and are visiting Milan, you will have the opportunity to see one of the world’s greatest masterpieces: The Last Supper. Located in the refectory at Santa Maria delle Grazie, a former convent, you can see this historic work for yourself, and be in awe of the amazing artistic skill it took to paint.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the world’s oldest shopping mall, located in central Milan. Due to the city’s massive influence on the fashion industry, this is one of the world’s most premier places to shop worldwide. You can also see the world’s only certified 7 star hotel here, the Town House Galleria. The mall consists of a double, glass covered arcade, and houses stores such as Prada, and other fashion houses. It is the place in Milan to see and be seen.


If you are looking for warm temperatures visit in the late spring, summer or early fall. If you want to avoid crowds visit in the winter or shoulder season. To get a feel for how much the city influences the fashion industry, or if you are interested in street style photography, visit during Fashion Week, which usually takes place in February. If you can afford it, visit a fashion show to get the true experience! Safe travels!

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