Here are 55 photo spots at Yellowstone National Park for you.

Yellowstone National Park is an American natural wonder famous for its unique hydrothermal activity, rugged landscapes, and a multitude of iconic wildlife. Located in the western United States in Wyoming, this park was signed into law in 1872. This makes it the oldest national park in the United States and possibly the world.

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Tips for your trip to Yellowstone National Park

About the location

Yellowstone is a force of nature and constantly changing with each new frost or wind. There are however some spots that always make a good photo. Read our guide below to discover where to take the best pictures in Yellowstone.

Wildlife photographers are in heaven in Yellowstone. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is a momentous river with three waterfalls. The Lower Falls is the largest and is one of the top sights in Yellowstone. Try to capture the falls from behind, at the Brink of Lower Falls to capture its force in all its glory.

The geothermal features of Yellowstone are some of the most other-worldly things to photograph. Grand Prismatic Spring is the most photographed thermal site in Yellowstone. It looks magnificent up close, but if you can get to an elevated spot from a nearby hill, you might get an even better shot. Its steaming bright blue waters are bordered by yellows and oranges.

Opalescent Pool is a rainbow-colored pool of water surrounded by eerie dead trees. Morning Glory Pool is a small but beautiful pool. It has bright greens surrounded by yellows. Old Faithful is Yellowstone’s famous geyser with a dependable eruption.

Mammoth Hot Springs are unique. It looks like a cave turned inside out, with hot water turning the limestone into a white mineral. All of the geothermal features in Yellowstone have elevated boardwalks or separated walkways. You can only get as close as is safe. Bring a good camera and get creative with your angles to capture these unique parts of nature.


This park is home to iconic animals like the American bison, ferocious grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, coyotes, magmatic gray wolf, and more. However, these are wild animals and can be dangerous. Unaware park guests have been injured. Please spend your time researching how to keep safe in Yellowstone before your trip, especially if you are camping overnight.

This is an active destination, with numerous beautiful hikes. There are car parks in many of the most popular features, like Old Faithful, but you never know if a spot will be available.

Late spring and early autumn are the best times to visit to beat the heat and the crowds. There are several airports to fly into in Montana, including Bozeman and West Yellowstone Airport. Car rentals are the best way to get to Yellowstone and see everything it has to offer.

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