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Explore the best places for photography at Bruges, Belgium

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Bruges is a beautiful historic town in Belgium, which is always worth a 3-4 days trip. There seems no time in the year when Bruges isn't a good travel destination.

Maybe the best is during the hopefully snowy winter days when all these amazing old buildings are lightened up. The weeks before christmas are especially beautiful because of the markets and streets in the center of Bruges, that are decorated really nicely.

The historical town center is popular for the small canals, that offer a great theme for photography. The very typical spot for most of the photographers is south-east of the Belfort where most of the canal tours start, but there are quite a lot of other nice views and places around that area. There are a lot of opportunities to taste a warm chocolate during winter, which is highly recommended. Chocolate stores in general is something you see pretty often within Bruges.

If you visit the town by car, you might also want to visit the canals to the north when you are arriving or leaving. There are quite a lot of pretty long and straight canals with tree alleys to the sides, which can look really beautiful during foggy autumn days or during the right lighting conditions in the early morning.

Travel tips for Bruges

There are some parking garages inside the center of Bruges which you should use, but on some days they are out of capacity pretty fast. The best time for your arrival is maybe in the middle of the week, because many tourists are coming for a weekend trip to the Belgium city.

Bruges is located in Belgium, a country with 820 photo spots that you might want to have a look at as well to find even more beautiful places for your next trip.

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