Here are 91 photo spots in Brussels for you.

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium with a population of around 178.000 people inside the city itself and with about 1,1 mio inhabitants within the region of Brussels. Besides that, the city is the headquarters of the European Union.

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Tips for your trip to Brussels

About the location

Brussels is located in the centre of the country and has, from the perspective of a photographer, much more to offer than you might think. A lot of beautiful architecture like the palace or the Belgian Arc de Triomphe at Jubepark (Fr.: Parc du Cinquantenaire).

Another great reason to visit Brussels during spring is obviously the amazing woods of Hallerbos, which are only around 17 km away from the city. They are no hidden gem anymore though, so the best time to visit this place is during the week in the early morning.


Brussels Airport (BRU) is located northeast of the city and is the largest one in the country. You can get to the centre by train or taxi.

For your stay, the hotels used by the European politicians are usually a great choice, because they have a very high quality standard and they are nearly empty during the weekends. If you are coming by car, you may even not need a payed parking place during the weekend in this quarter.

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