Here are 4 photo spots in Neuwied for you.

Neuwied is a picturesque town located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in southwestern Germany. Situated on the eastern bank of the Rhine River, Neuwied is known for its scenic setting, historic architecture, and cultural attractions.

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Tips for your trip to Neuwied

About the location

The town is home to notable landmarks such as Neuwied Castle, a grand Baroque palace that now serves as a cultural center and museum. Additionally, Neuwied offers charming riverside promenades, parks, and gardens, providing opportunities for leisurely strolls and outdoor activities.

Best timing

Neuwieder Markttage: Held several times a year, the Neuwieder Markttage is a traditional market featuring local produce, crafts, and cultural performances. The vibrant atmosphere and colorful displays make it a great subject for photography.

Schängelmarkt: This annual fair takes place in the historic center of Neuwied and offers a variety of attractions including rides, games, food stalls, and live entertainment. The lively atmosphere and festive decorations provide ample opportunities for capturing dynamic and engaging photographs.

Rhein in Flammen: Neuwied is one of the towns along the Rhine that participates in the "Rhein in Flammen" (Rhine in Flames) fireworks festival. This spectacular event takes place in the summer, with fireworks displays lighting up the night sky against the backdrop of the Rhine River. It offers photographers a chance to capture stunning images of the illuminated riverfront and fireworks.


Neuwied is easily accessible by car via the A61 motorway or by train through Neuwied Hauptbahnhof, offering regular services to major cities like Koblenz and Bonn. Regional bus routes provide additional transportation options, while cyclists can enjoy scenic rides along the Rhine Cycle Route. During summer, river cruises along the Rhine may include stops in Neuwied. Whether by car, train, bus, bicycle, or boat, reaching Neuwied is convenient, allowing visitors to explore its picturesque landscapes and cultural attractions with ease.

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