Here are 46 photo spots at Zeeland for you.

Zeeland is a province in the southwestern part of the Netherlands known for its beautiful coastlines, sandy beaches, and picturesque landscapes. It's characterized by its numerous islands, peninsulas, and delta works due to its location along the North Sea. Zeeland is popular for water sports, cycling, and beach activities, and it also has historical towns like Middelburg and Veere with charming architecture and cultural attractions.

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Tips for your trip to Zeeland

Best timing

In Zeeland, you can find various special events and festivals throughout the year that offer great opportunities for photography.
From April to June, you have the possibility to photograph a variety of spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and cherry blossoms.


Zeeland offers various transportation options for travelers. You can easily reach Zeeland by car, thanks to its well-connected highway network linking it to major cities in the Netherlands and neighboring countries. Additionally, direct train services from cities like Rotterdam, The Hague, and Amsterdam make it accessible by rail. Local and regional buses provide convenient travel within Zeeland, connecting towns and attractions. For those coming from Belgium or the UK, ferry services to ports like Vlissingen offer another route. The region is also cyclist-friendly, with scenic cycling routes ideal for exploring at a relaxed pace. Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are the nearest major airports, offering connections to Zeeland via train, bus, or car rental upon arrival.

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