Here are 26 photo spots at Friesland (province) for you.

Friesland, located in the northern part of the Netherlands, is known for its picturesque landscapes, waterways, and rich cultural heritage. It is famous for its Frisian traditions, including the Frisian language, traditional sports like ice skating and sailing, and the iconic Eleven Cities Tour.

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Tips for your trip to Friesland (province)

About the location

Friesland is also home to the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site and beautiful coastal areas like the Frisian Islands (Waddeneilanden). It's a great destination for outdoor activities, water sports, and exploring traditional Dutch culture.

Best timing

Sneekweek: A popular sailing event in Sneek with various races and festivities.

Sk├╗tsjesilen: Traditional Frisian sailing races held on the Frisian lakes during the summer.

Elfstedentocht: The Eleven Cities Tour, a legendary ice skating race held on frozen canals (though it's rare due to weather conditions).


To travel to Friesland in the Netherlands, you can use various transportation options such as air travel to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, train services from major Dutch cities, renting a car for flexibility, taking buses for regional travel, or using ferries from nearby islands or coastal areas. Choose based on your preferences and starting point.

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