Here are 11 photo spots at Flevoland for you.

Flevoland, the youngest province in the Netherlands, offers photographers a diverse range of photo spots, from the wildlife and landscapes of Oostvaardersplassen and Nieuw Land National Park to the historic charm of Schokland, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Modern urban landscapes in Almere and Lelystad, including innovative architecture and the Aviodrome aviation museum, provide striking cityscapes.

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Tips for your trip to Flevoland

About the location

Seasonal events like the Tulip Festival showcase vibrant fields of tulips, while Flevonice offers dynamic sports photography opportunities. Flevoland's blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and contemporary design makes it an intriguing destination for photographers year-round.

Best timing

Tulip Festival (April-May): Colorful tulip fields.

International Bird Watching at Oostvaardersplassen (Spring and Autumn): Diverse bird species and wetland landscapes.

Almere Urban Festival (Summer): Modern architecture, street performances, and urban culture.

Lelystad’s Open Monument Day (September): Historic buildings and cultural heritage sites.


To travel to Flevoland, you can drive via major highways like the A1 and A6 from Amsterdam or Utrecht, following signs to destinations such as Almere and Lelystad. Alternatively, take direct trains from Amsterdam Central Station or Schiphol Airport to Almere, Lelystad, or Dronten, and use local buses for further travel within the region. Once in Flevoland, renting a car or using a bicycle are convenient options for exploring, especially for reaching nature reserves and rural areas. Always check public transport schedules and parking regulations in advance to ensure a smooth trip.

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