Here are 85 photo spots in Melbourne for you.

Melbourne is easily the coolest city in Australia. A city popular with its young people, Melbourne has a European vibe and is home to a thriving local music scene and lively bars.

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Tips for your trip to Melbourne

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Young travelers come here to have a good time and photographers try to capture the high-spirited atmosphere. Browse the existing photo spots or read the guide below to discover the best locations that are worth a visit to capture some nice photos.

Princes Pier is an old working pier that is now used recreationally. Photographers are drawn to the hundreds of wooden logs sticking out of the water are called "The Pins". Capture it at sunset when the oranges of the sky reflect off the calm waters.

In Central Melbourne, the iconic green dome of Flinders Street Station is a popular landmark. Walk across the nearby Princes Bridge to the Arts Centre. From here, you can get an amazing shot of the famous bridge and the skyline. Flinders Walk is a street near the station that takes you along the river. Sculptures and other public art dot the way.

Get exploring Central Melbourne to find AC/DC Lane. This street and some of the surrounding ones are plastered with vibrant art murals. In Coop's Shot Tower, a 19th century stone tower is enclosed in a metal and glass atrium in a shopping center. The juxtaposition of modern and historical makes an interesting experience.

Take a tram from the center of the city to St. Kilda Pier for the best photos of the Melbourne cityscape mirrored off the water. Keep walking to capture the lines of the pier against the waves.

Victoria Harbour and surrounding Docklands are a fun place to take a walk in Melbourne. Snap some photos from the boardwalks and piers and explore the area for interesting sights.

The Southbank Promenade has a modern footbridge that takes you across the Yarra River. This exciting area of the city is full of bars and restaurants and is always full of people enjoying the day. You can walk along the southern side of the Yarra River for astounding views of the city. The Webb Bridge is a public art project that also helps pedestrians across the river. A web of white metal encases the footpath, making interesting snapshots.


The public transportation in Melbourne will take you anywhere you need to go, even to the surrounding suburbs and beaches. There is something fun happening in Melbourne at any time of the year. Luckily, the winter months of July and August never get too cold.

The city is very backpacker-friendly, with affordable hostel options. Leave some room in your budget if you want to enjoy the bar and restaurant scene here. Cafes are a huge part of life in Melbourne, so you can always order a delicious coffee and spend part of your day chilling out in a comfy chair.

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