Here are 262 photo spots in California for you.

California is a beautiful state in the west of the United States of America, well known for gigantic cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles and national parks like Yosemite or Death Valley.

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Tips for your trip to California

About the location

The western state is one of the most popular places to visit in the USA and that's for a good reason, because the area is extremely versatile and every kind of photographer will come at its costs. Since there is so much to see, you should plan your trip for at least 14 days and longer.

Technology fans will definitely have to visit the region around Palo Alto, where companies like Apple, Facebook and Google are located. Another must-see are the mammoth trees north of SF and if you have the time, San Diego is also a great city for a daytrip.


Traveling down Route 1 from San Francisco to LA is probably one of the most remarkable things you should do when you visit California. Especially the part between SF and Pismo Beach is crazy beautiful.

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