Here are 30 photo spots in Scheveningen for you.

Scheveningen is a coastal district in The Hague, known for its sandy beaches, lively boulevard, and pier. It offers a range of activities such as sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and beach volleyball. The Scheveningen Pier is a prominent landmark with attractions like restaurants, shops, and a Ferris wheel offering panoramic views. The district also hosts events like the International Fireworks Festival and various beach sports competitions, making it a vibrant destination for tourists and locals alike.

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Tips for your trip to Scheveningen

Best timing

International Fireworks Festival: This annual event brings together international pyrotechnic teams to showcase spectacular fireworks displays against the backdrop of the North Sea.

Scheveningen Beach Volleyball Tournament: Capture the action-packed matches and vibrant atmosphere of this popular beach volleyball tournament held on Scheveningen's sandy shores.

Scheveningen Pier Events: The iconic Scheveningen Pier often hosts special events such as music concerts, food festivals, and art exhibitions, providing unique photographic opportunities.


To reach Scheveningen in The Hague, you can use various modes of transportation such as driving, public transport like trams and buses, cycling, or taking a train followed by a tram from The Hague Central Station. These options offer flexibility based on your preferences and convenience.
The closest major airport is Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM), located about 25 kilometers away.

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