Here are 87 photo spots in The Hague for you.

As an important international judicial and government center, The Hague is called home by many government officials and lawyers. This has garnered it a reputation as a somewhat stuffy and overly-proper city. However, as always, this stunning city has so much more than meets the eye.

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Tips for your trip to The Hague

About the location

The historical streets and buildings offer photographers beautiful shots and if you talk to the locals, you will find they are much more casual than you’ve been led to believe. Browse the existing photo spots or read the guide below to discover the very best places to take photos during your trip to The Hague.

Het Plein is a beautiful town square in the historic center of The Hague. This plaza is a wonderful place to take skyline photos, which looks great both during the day and when the buildings are twinkling at night. Walk around the old town for dreamy photos of the calm canals and St Jacob Church.

Binnenhof is a series of buildings housing the Dutch Parliament. Built in the 13th century in the Gothic style, these buildings are impressive and imposing. Hofvijver, a pond in the middle of the city, borders the parliament buildings. Walk around the waters to capture some great photos of the brick buildings reflecting off the waters.

The Hague City Hall is a stark white building that is very modern. The atrium of the building is stunning. The glass on the ceiling is crisscrossed with white beams. It’s clear why the building is nicknamed “The Ice Palace”.

The Japanese Gardens in The Hague are amazing manicured lawns and ponds. Only open a few weeks of the year, in May and October, it’s worth a stop if you’re in town during the right months.

Scheveningen Pier is a cute seaside location. Snap some of the photos of the Ferris wheel against the oranges and reds of the sunsets near the sandy Scheveningen Beach. Keep walking down the beach to the Northern Pier to get a great view of the skyline from the small red and white lighthouse located there.

Walkthrough the Lange Voorhout, the most iconic street in The Hague. This wide street is tree-lined, resulting in a photogenic explosion of orange and yellow leaves in the autumn. In the spring, tulips and other colorful flowers bloom in the green spaces nearby. Beautiful old buildings surround it on every side, along with food trucks and markets.


The Hague isn’t a very touristic town but is still busy year-round with officials flying in for work from all over the world. A bustling train station in the center of the city is an easy way to arrive at The Hague.

The city is very compact and easy to walk in. The beach is a bit further away from the city center but it is easy to hop on a bus to head there. Restaurants are known for being a bit pricey, so photographers traveling on a budget might want to say somewhere they can cook their own food.

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